* Students must wear their ID cards while being inside the campus.
* Male students must wear Panjabi while female students must wear Salwar- Kamiz.
* Students must be present in the class within time; 75% attendance is a must.
* Students must attend days within the scheduled time- frame.
* Half- Yearly Examinations would be held in January/ December and the Final Examinations would be held on May/ June.
* If anyone doesn’t attend the exams, he/ she will not be promoted.
* Fees must be paid within the 15th of a month. If someone ails to do so, he would have to pay a fine for Tk. 50.
* A fine of Tk. 100 would have to be paid if anyone loses their Pay card, ID card or Report card.
* If someone fails to pay his fees in due time, for every upcoming month he would have to pay a fine of Tk. 100.
* If a student doesn’t pay his fees for 2 months, consecutively, his name shall be removed.
* To attend the Half- yearly examinations one must pay his monthly fees for December and January together.
* At the time of admission, monthly fees for May and June have to be paid.
* A student’s report card will not be handed over if he has any type of dues.
* During class, parents cannot enter or sit inside the classroom.
* Parents have to wait in the waiting area and upon classes being over must leave the campus. After the classes are over, no one can stay in the campus after 15 minutes. During class, it is important that at least one guardian stays at the campus (for children).
* After results of the Final Examination are revealed, the highest scorer will be given a scholarship. Within one week of publication of the result, applications have to be submitted to the office.
* Apart from this, students and parents have to abide by the rules of the institution. Anyone found out to be doing anything against the institution will be expelled.